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Minnesota Wildflowers Information (MWI) is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to the public knowledge and understanding of the historical and present day plant resources found in the state of Minnesota, both native species and non-native weedy and invasive species. It is staffed by two passionate amateur botanists solely interested in learning more about the plants that share the world around us and sharing that knowledge in the most concise way with the general public – education at its best. Now in its sixth year of development and expansion, it is being recognized as one of the best – and perhaps the best – Internet-based field guides of mid-western wildflowers. In 2013 we tracked 215,000 unique users resulting in 3 million page views and over 11 million hits on our information pages.

Unlike printed field guides and many comparable web based field guides, our site is not static. As of May, 2014, we have nearly 800 species pages published with more being added each week. Along with these continual improvements we’ve seen a significant corresponding increase in usage of 50% in 2013 over 2012, and 2014 looks like it will continue this growth pace.

Until July, 2014, MWI received no outside funding except for a few small personal donations by private users and corporate sponsors who began advertising on the website in 2011. We began soliciting corporate sponsors in 2011 for the purposes of promoting the incorporation of native species back into urban landscapes, the restoration of native habitats wherever possible, and to develop a much needed source of revenue in support of our continuing photographic field work and publishing efforts. Our venue also provides a unique opportunity for our sponsors to present their programs or products to those clients or customers who are most likely to be interested while at the same time supporting a project that provides them with more knowledgeable and informed clients. Without hesitation we can state that no other venue out there can provide a more targeted and sizable group of people interested in native plant use and conservation.

While we understand that promoting your business or interests can be expensive and difficult to assess results, advertising is unavoidable and we firmly believe that for the cost, our website will put your name in front of more potential clients than anywhere else in the Upper Midwest

Your advertising dollars give you:

  • A simple rotating banner which gives equal exposure to all advertisers. Ads are shown on all species profile pages, and most other pages as well.
  • A point on our advertiser map for each of your locations
  • Announcements on our Facebook page of your special offers or sales—send us the info and we'll post it on our wall.

3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions are available.

Banner graphic size should be 190px wide, approximately square, linked to the page of your choice. We can make one up for you at no extra charge, from your existing logo or web page banner graphic.

Payment is by company check, payable in advance. Please contact Katy Chayka for rates and more information, or to sign up:

Katy Chayka