Collaborators Wanted

We are actively seeking additional collaborators to help this site grow.

This is a volunteer effort so the only compensation we can offer is listing your name (and perhaps your business or organization) in the credits on the home page, and for any of your images we publish.

While we appreciate the offer of photos from fans of the site, at this time we are primarily interested in contributions on a regular basis from folks willing to make a long-term commitment to this project, who have at least one (preferably more) of the following qualifications:

  • A strong ethic regarding habitat sensitivity. We are careful where we tread in our quest for information. You must be, too.
  • Some skill in plant or fungi identification. We are always looking for more help with wildflowers, but are especially interested in expanding into:
    • trees and shrubs
    • grasses, sedges and rushes
    • ferns
    • fungi
  • The time and ability to write species profiles, comparable to those already posted on the site, using our template. Text copied verbatim from other references (print or web) is not accepted.

You must agree to our non-commercial Terms of Use for text contributions. We prefer you agree to our terms for image contributions as well, but this is negotiable.

Note: Katy Chayka maintains editorial control over all content on this site, text and images.

Please contact Katy if you are interested.

Additional web help wanted

This site was created using a custom built CMS, written by me, Katy Chayka, in PHP with a MySQL database on the back end. The system requires some changes as the site evolves and technology advances.

I realize I will not live forever and am looking for a young(er) person I can pass the reins to when the time comes, or at least help out with periodic maintenance. If you are as passionate about native plants as I am and have sufficient technical skills to manage this web site, I want to talk to you!

I am only looking for folks willing to make a long-term commitment to this project. Again, there is no compensation other than a place in the credits, and the satisfaction that you are making a valuable contribution to a worthwhile project.

Please contact Katy if you are interested.