Changes to Minnesota Plant Names and Families

Things change—that's life! As a result of advancements in botanical studies, primarily from DNA testing, many plants have been renamed or moved to different plant families. In 2011 the DNR updated their big list of plants (spreadsheet available for download on their web site) with new plant names. The Bell Herbarium has taken that a step further and is now also using plant family assignments published in 2009 by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG III), which we are adopting as well. Here are the updates:

Family Name Changes
GenusNew FamilyOld Family
Acer Sapindaceae Aceraceae
Aesculus Sapindaceae Hippocastanaceae
Agalinis Orobanchaceae Scrophulariaceae
Allium Alliaceae Liliaceae
Asclepias Apocynaceae Asclepiadaceae
Besseya Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Castilleja Orobanchaceae Scrophulariaceae
Celtis Cannabaceae Ulmaceae
Chelone Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Chenopodium Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae
Chimaphila Ericaceae Pyrolaceae
Clintonia Colchicaceae Liliaceae
Convallaria Ruscaceae Liliaceae
Cycloloma Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae
Diervilla Diervillaceae Caprifoliaceae
Ellisia Boraginaceae Hydrophyllaceae
Hemerocallis Hemerocallidaceae Liliaceae
Hydrophyllum Boraginaceae Hydrophyllaceae
Hypericum Hypericaceae Clusiaceae
Hypoxis Hypoxidaceae Liliaceae
Kochia Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae
Lemna Araceae Lemnaceae
Linaria Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Lindernia Linderniaceae Scrophulariaceae
Lobelia Lobeliaceae Campanulaceae
Lysimachia Myrsinaceae Primulaceae
Maianthemum Ruscaceae Liliaceae
Mimulus Phrymaceae Scrophulariaceae
Najas Hydrocharitaceae Najadaceae
Parnassia Parnassiaceae Saxifragaceae
Pedicularis Orobanchaceae Scrophulariaceae
Penstemon Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Penthorum Penthoraceae Crassulaceae
Peritoma Cleomaceae Capparaceae
Phryma Phrymaceae Verbenaceae
Polanisia Cleomaceae Capparaceae
Polygonatum Ruscaceae Liliaceae
Pyrola Ericaceae Pyrolaceae
Salsola Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae
Sambucus Adoxaceae Caprifoliaceae
Spirodela Araceae Lemnaceae
Tilia Malvaceae Tiliaceae
Triadenum Hypericaceae Clusiaceae
Trillium Melanthiaceae Liliaceae
Uvularia Colchicaceae Liliaceae
Veronica Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Veronicastrum Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Viburnum Adoxaceae Caprifoliaceae
Vincetoxicum Apocynaceae Asclepiadaceae
Zannichellia Potamogetonaceae Zannichelliaceae